Bald Eagle

We have one eagle nest equipped with two video cameras so you can watch the American bald eagles build their nest, lay and incubate their eggs, and raise their young in late January through July. Eagle Cams are located at the Fort St. Vrain Station Platteville, Colo. This 6 foot-wide and 5 foot-deep nest has been active for many years.

Bald Eagle Cam

Peregrine Falcon

Our falcon cam features three nest sites at Xcel Energy power plants in Minnesota. The nest boxes at these sites are installed 300 - 600 feet above the ground to imitate the same features of high cliffs.

Peregrine Falcon Cam

Great Horned Owl

We have one owl cam established at the Fort St. Vrain Station, Platteville, CO. This next box uses an infrared camera that operates under low-light conditions because of the nocturnal habits of owls.

Great Horned Owl Cam

American Kestrel

We have one kestrel cam located at the Pawnee power plant, Brush, Colo. The nest box is located on plant property away from the main building. The box is equipped with a high definition camera that transmits a radio signal to the main building.

American Kestrel


The heron cam is located near the Riverside Power plant in Minnesota. There is one cam that we will be shared between the herons nesting in a nearby tree and the peregrine falcons who nest in a box located on the plant.

Heron Cam